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DOSTA!!! (ENOUGH!!!) is the iniciative of Ujedinjeni Dinamovi Navijači (United Dinamo Fans), coordination of several supporters and fans groups of NK Dinamo Zagreb: Udruga navijača Dinama (Association of Dinamo Supporters) and Klub navijača Bad Blue Boys (Supporters Club Bad Blue Boys), along with their subsidiaries in Metković, Mostar (Bosnia and Herzegovina), Slavonski Brod and Trnsko, as well as NKDZ supporters clubs in Čapljina (Bosnia and Herzegovina), Križevci, Toronto (Canada), Čakovec, Vienna (Austria), Tripoli (Libya) and Chicago (USA). The goal is to free NKDZ from mafia board, led by Mamić brothers - Zdravko, club president, and Zoran, sports director.
Zdravko Mamić is a person of foggy past, during the post-communist times he got rich and came to power in NKDZ in 2001. In following years, fame and prestige of the greatest Croatian club vanished, Dinamo plays in front of 3000-4000 fans, the best players are sold every season, there is no European step forward, he curses Dinamo legends, supporters, journalists, places adds of support for political parties in club name in newspapers, sacks managers (12 managers in 9 years)...
Zoran Mamić is the man from behind, sets transfers, buys bad players and probably "eashes money" on transfers (once bought a player who played only 3 games in entire season of Argentinian 2nd league for 1.000.000€), is under investigation by USKOK (something like Croatian FBI) and UEFA for arranging matches (some of them crucial such as Croatian supercup, 3rd round of UEFA Champions league qualifications against Arsenal), man who changed the club image from the best club in the country to a symbol of football mafia.

This picture shows Dinamo Zagreb managers in last 4 years. All of them were sacked, but these pictures show who is the only constant of NK Dinamo Zagreb failures. Managers from left are: Zvonimir Soldo, Branko Ivanković, Marijan Vlak, Krunoslav Jurčić, Velimir Zajec and Vahid Halilhofžić. And Zoran Mamić, every time!
Text under says: "Za Dinamo bez mafije! Konstanta Dinamove sramote i neuspjeha - obitelj Mamić! Za Dinamo bez mafije!" (For Dinamo without mafia! Constant of Dinamo's shame and failures - family Mamić! For Dinamo without mafia!)
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